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Welcome! Join me in this Sacred Space where we can discover what Guidance the Universe holds for us this week!

Each week I will draw cards from different Tarot and Oracle decks with the intention of drawing fresh Insight and Inspiration from the Universe to help us in our daily lives!

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The Hermit

The Hermit card in the Fyodor Pavlov Tarot
The Hermit in The Fyodor Pavlov Tarot


You have permittance to be a hermit, to “be as you are.”

Focus on a more spiritual understanding for what you are facing, whether it be confusion or unclarity. Your priorities may change or shift as a result.



I was really excited to draw the Hermit as our first card! And how can you not love Fyodor Pavlov’s unique depiction of the classic male portrayal as a young woman in light blue and white (reminiscent of The Holy Mother’s colors?) with a CROW on her shoulder! Very cool.

This is my favorite card in the Tarot (as if you couldn’t tell by the name of this site), so I’m always psyched to draw him, er, her. I’m always comforted by her reminder to draw our focus inward, with a more spiritual lent. Our everyday world is important, sure, but too often we get tied up in all its gross details. It’s important to give ourselves permission to “be as we are,” and to take it slow, especially when there is lack of clarity in our lives, and to take everything one step at a time.


Dragonfly card from the Mystical Wisdom Card Deck
Dragonfly card in Mystical Wisdom Card Deck


Living so deeply, with such emotional strength and profundity- you are already living life to the fullest.

And by living life to the fullest, by feeling all you can feel, you find your greatest source of emotional strength.

“Living your truest life is a responsibility – do not let it be trivialized or lived superficially!”

You know Who you are and what you want. Be free to live life to the fullest without regrets.



What a GORGEOUS background for a card! That’s what I love about Oracle decks – so many of them have HUGE landscape cards with so much detail that it’s almost like going into a museum and needing all day just to stare at the same massive painting to notice every fine nuance of the piece.

I love how we’re greeted by a literal Dragon-fly – a little dragon with wings – to remind us of the unexpected magic of life.

Sometimes experiencing deep emotions can be really difficult, but its through feeling so much that we gain such a deep and rich experience of life itself! As challenging as it may feel sometimes, it’s through our feeling all that we can in life that we find our greatest emotional strength to endure the difficulties of living.


The Lovers

The Lovers card from the Occult Ornithology Tarot
The Lovers in the Occult Ornithology Tarot


All the things of the Living are good.

Take in the fruits of Existing, of listening to these needs. Take in the fruits of Life, of living, of Being.

Ask for what you want.

You have strong relationships with one another. Your deep connection to someone will help you see that you are pure in body in your desire for life. There is no dilemma.



I love this deck. You can’t see the beautiful gold foil all around the artwork, but trust me, the Indie creator Katie Whittles did a superb job illustrating and publishing this Major-Arcana-only Tarot.

Spring is in full flush in my part of the world right now, and every day I watch pink-breasted male Mourning Doves strutting after females, eager to demonstrate their ardor. With Spring fresh in the air one can’t help but feel the need to let the body stretch and breathe, to fully and peacefully exhale after surviving another long Winter.

Remember to listen to your body and hear its needs with compassion. Try to take in its needs and wants without conditioned guilt or predisposed ideas of what you think you might need. And don’t be afraid to seek out and ask for what you find your body wanting.

Three cards for weekly guidance

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