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Welcome! Join me in this Sacred Space where we can discover what Guidance the Universe holds for us this week!

Each week I will draw cards from different Tarot and Oracle decks with the intention of drawing fresh Insight and Inspiration from the Universe to help us in our daily lives!

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The Catfish from the Oracle of the Strange Forest deck
Catfish in Oracle of the Strange Forest

Let yourself go slow with thinking and processing and explaining. Going slow and taking your time is where the big, expansive thoughts lie!

Appreciate yourself and your voice for who you are – you don’t have to gain everyone’s approval and appreciation. They’re just as valid and you’re just as valid either way.

Let the rivers of life and thought take you where you need to go, to places you didn’t even expect!


This was my first time drawing from the new Oracle of the Strange Forest by the zany Gabrielle Kash, and I’m so happy to have drawn one of my favorite fish species! I’m always so inspired by catfish – as bottom feeders and dwellers, they live in the deepest parts of water, grow immensely huge, don’t bother anybody, and are absolutely adorable!  I love creatures that live in the dark, quiet places, like the bottoms of riverbeds and lakes. It seems to me like they must have so much wisdom to offer – like a hermetic monk in some inaccessible cave – teaching us how we ought to quiet our minds and reach holy silence to find peace and tranquility.

Bee Unseelie

Bee Unseelie, Ram, and Trust in change cards from three different decks
Bee Unseelie in Old Fae, Sheep in mini Pathfinder Oracle, and Trust Change in The Moon Deck

Negative perceptions are clouding your judgement. It wasn’t all bad!

You’re letting your anger keep you from seeing the full truth – follow the anger and move through it, it’s the only way to be ultimately done with it, to process it.

Make your own mistakes, it’s necessary for growth.

Sometimes you need to let something good go in order to grow something better.

Change is necessary. Loosen your grip on it and relax it. It seems unpredictable right now and scary because it’s new, but these are new lessons that will settle into you when you embrace them and open up to new possibilities, and you’ll be wiser and more graceful for it.


I was drawn to pull three cards, from three different decks this time (I always do my readings based off my Intuition, even if it calls for such a varied taste), but the Bee Unseelie card is the main focus, with the Sheep and Trust Change assisting the main message from the main card.

This one was very personal! About letting yourself fully embrace anger – fully embracing your feelings, no matter what they are – in order to work through them healthily, instead of suppressing them or denying them which, ultimately, just makes the wound fester.

I was particularly moved by the message “Sometimes you need to let something good go in order to grow something better.” How hard can that be? To let a good thing go? Change can feel so unpredictable, so full of fear and unknown. It can be so hard to let go of something, so hard to accept that something new and better might be just around the corner, and yet, if we refuse change, we stagnate and get stuck and lead to rust.

As hard as it may be, we have to embrace change, but when we have faith that the Universe always works toward Creation and therefore Love, then we can learn to look forward to and trust that it is headed in a direction with our Best outcome in mind.


Knight of Cups (reversed)

Reversed Knight of Cups card from Tarot Mucha
Knight of Cups (reversed) in Tarot Mucha

Let go of that guilt, that feeling that things are your fault, that you’re not doing good enough.

But what would you be without that guilt?

Are you afraid you might lose yourself? Are you afraid you would be without your caring, your compassion, your ability to do Good?

I assure you – you will be yourself and so much more , you will be so much more of yourself!

You will be a bringer of bliss and joy, beloved, full of love, guided by intuition and only the call of your heart. This is an invitation that will lead to pleasure! You will have a deeper understanding of life’s purpose.

You will become more like the child inside you, before you learned you could be “wrong.”


So many of us feel so heavily how we are raised in a culture that promotes working ourselves to the bone over rest and healthy progress and development. We often think we’re not successful or worthy of success if we’re not killing ourselves to get it. This is ultimately an unhealthy mindset that we would be better for unlearning! Instead embracing that everybody has their own pace and that success and progress look different for each individual. What matters more is what you experience in your heart, not what the world or society sends you signals of what you should be doing.

A lot of the time we’re afraid to let go of our negative attachments, our addictions, our unhealthy mindsets. Those thoughts are what saved us, protected us, helped us through some tough situations when we were younger – many times we don’t know what or who we would be without them! (all of this happening subconsciously, of course)

This is something I struggle with as much as the next person. But we have to have faith that we will be more free without those limiting mindsets holding us down, holding us back! We have to learn to start to see that replacing them with something stronger, something more True, will make us stronger, will make us more truly who we are. It will not take away from us, it will add to and bring out our beautiful, True Self, the strongest, highest form of who we are.

You will not change into something different, something not you when you begin to clear yourself of old mindsets that are unhelpful for a healthy life – you actually will become more You.

Three cards for the Weekly Guidance

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  1. Great insight! I really appreciate how you wrote: “… About letting yourself fully embrace anger – fully embracing your feelings, no matter what they are – in order to work through them healthily, instead of suppressing them or denying them which, ultimately, just makes the wound fester.”
    Beautiful site, I can’t wait to read your next post!

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