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Welcome! Join me in this Sacred Space where we can discover what Guidance the Universe holds for us this week!

Each week I will draw cards from different Tarot and Oracle decks with the intention of drawing fresh Insight and Inspiration from the Universe to help us in our daily lives!

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“This is the Sign”

“This is the Sign” in Crystal Ball Pocket Oracle

“It is the right time”

Growth – Health – Success – Reinvigoration – A New Chapter

Fertility of heart – Begetting growth and success – Sign of prosperity and creation magick.

“You’re right on time”



Oftentimes we find ourselves asking the Universe for a sign – a sign that something we want to do is a good idea, a sign that we’re on the right path, a sign that a certain person will be a benefit to our lives, a sign we’re doing it right. I love that this unique little card deck by The White Witch Oracle (you can find her decks here) is not only super beautiful, but super direct and unambiguous.

If you have something on your mind that you’re uncertain about, that you’ve been wondering a lot lately over, well, to quote this card, “this is your sign” – this is your sign that now is a good time to do that, that that is a good avenue to walk down in your journey of life. It bespeaks good things to come, success, and something beautiful down the way. So go for it!

Ace of Tea

Ace of Tea in The Bottanical Deck

You are versatile (and flexible). You already have this trait, you’ve already learned it.
You are plenty good enough for what you need to do.

It’s not all up to you, but also how people handle you that changes your flavor – you are you, you are always you. You are perfect as you – it’s not your fault if they don’t know how to harvest/use/handle you correctly.

You have your own timing, and are actually very versatile, not limited – you only think you’re limited if you’re expecting something in the wrong season of your life or if you’re not being handled correctly (by yourself or someone else). Accept what is available of yourself right now, and learn the best way how to handle you.

It’s not your fault if people don’t understand your timing.

Try to learn and accept what your timing is.

Don’t be so hard on yourself – if it’s not in season for you, it’s not in season! It’s not your fault. And there’s always something very useful and beautiful in you.


In The Bottanical Deck, which is a mix of Tarot as well as oracle, plants stand in as the suits, characters, and situations. Suits like “Crops” and “Medicine” take the place of the usual ones. Within this system, there is a suit called “Tea” which Tea Plant is the Ace of . . . and the only card in the entire suit! I think Jessica Bott, the creator of the Bottanical Deck, did this to expose how important and versatile the tea plant – it’s consumed as a beverage more than any other drink besides water and can be prepared so many different ways depending on when you harvest and how you ferment its leaves.

You are like the tea plant – versatile and well-rounded. You are full of opportunity and usefulness, all the time. Try to see yourself as equally beneficial and important as this hugely successful and incredible plant.

Nine of Pentacles

Nine of Pentacles in Botanica Tarot

There is richness and personal satisfaction and success with just doing something your own way.
Grant yourself that personal success – and you will then achieve success for others.
Let yourself be happy and content first, with all things.

You carry wisdom in your solitary enjoyment of the good things in life.

There is wisdom where one’s own interests lie.

You provide Beauty and inspiration to others who also weather the roughness of life.


You have your own particular way that you do things, your own unique way of going about the things of life, and there is nothing wrong with it. In fact, it carries its own wisdom that you, by being who and what you are, impart upon others just by existing, just by allowing yourself to be more you.

The flowering plant in this card is called Purple Saxifrage and, according to the Botanica Tarot’s guidebook, it’s able to survive and bloom at higher altitudes than any other flowering plant! This tells something of resiliency and the ability to flourish in even the roughest situations – and the ability to impart some of that wisdom onto others.

There is beauty and importance in the way you go about things, in the way you live your life, in the things you enjoy and are good at and love. There is more value in you doing these things that you can possibly know! Not just for yourself, but for others and the Whole as well.



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