The Way of Beauty

Welcome! Join me in this Sacred Space where we can discover what Guidance the Universe holds for us this week!

Each week I will draw cards from different Tarot and Oracle decks with the intention of drawing fresh Insight and Inspiration from the Universe to help us in our daily lives!

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Aether in Supra: The Hidden Path of an Oracle

Knowingness – Nothingness – the Unknowingness of it All.

The substance of life streaming from the Heavens, the potential, the moment to become later, is the same stuff that You are made of, that gives you Life.

Empty Space is itself space, space for the Ineffable.

Let yourself be reassured, even while we cannot possibly know the source of the Wind.
We are carrying out prophecy – movements – that were set in motion long ago.

This is when Potential becomes actual.


Allow room for the ineffable, the unutterable, the inexplicable. Those things and moments and experiences you can’t express with words, when our vast and dynamic language fails you, when you can’t describe anything close to touching what this moment really is.

We are not alone. We are connected inextricably to all who have come before us – Ancestors, predecessors, genetic family, spiritual relations, etc.
You are not alone.
Just try to think about the source of the Wind. When did it first move? When did it first blow? Who or what set it in motion? Such is the nature of Life, of kinetic movement and growth – of energy that is ever-seeking to express and diversify itself. Let yourself move, and know that it is not all up to you- it never has been.

Seven of Wands

Seven of Wands in The Last Unicorn Tarot

When you stand up for yourself, you stand up for all the gentle souls of the world.

Stand up for them – stand up for you.

When you let yourself get run over, you say that it’s okay for it to be done to others too.

Don’t run away anymore, don’t hide – don’t hide your power to protect . . . even when it hurts . . . you carry all of them . . .

You need to stand up for Them – the fate of the last unicorn rests/abides in you.
And know that they will come to help you, that they will come to your defense to help you, to help them, to help all the tender hearts <3

You might feel outmatched by a threat, but hold firm to your convictions and be willing to protect what you hold dear.


This Tarot deck is very precious – it is inspired and based on the famous movie The Last Unicorn which comes from the book by the same title by Peter S. Beagle, who I had the honor of getting to meet in person.

In this scene, which is the climax of the story, the last unicorn faces the red bull who has forced all her kind into the ocean, imprisoned in a purgatory of inaction and lifelessness. Our unicorn stands on the edge of the ocean, about to meet the same fate, when she is suddenly inspired by the courage and sacrifice of those she loves – and possibly fed up with how this brute has treated her and her gentle kind – and faces the bull. It seems to not know what to do with this – it doesn’t know how to harry a creature that won’t run from it. By her choosing to stand and face it, she has bested it, as it could never actually or truly hurt her in the first place. And then, as she stands and confronts their greatest fear, her sisters in the ocean rise to face him with her, encouraged by her bravery, and help her win the battle.

So too should we remember the vital power and strength hidden within each of us, and have faith that we will not be alone in our efforts.


Beauty in Veleda Oracle

“Put yourself in the way of beauty.”

I’ve heard from a lot of people that it’s a time of feeling frustrated – like a big frustration cloud is shadowing over us right now.
It feels like it’s going to last forever. It feels indefinite.
It feels like Death.
And yes, while death is a part of our reality, it’s also a part of Life.

See Beauty in your life.

Choose to see Beauty – in yourself most of all, and also in others, in nature, in the world outside your home, inside your home, everywhere.

Romance – Sweetness – Kindness – Re-inspiration – Self-acceptance – Inner Calm

Invite these things in by allowing Beauty into your eyes.


It’s a choice, to allow Beauty in. Not always, of course, but much of the time we go about our lives, as if nothing is spectacular, as if the very existence of life and every living moment is miraculous. It takes time, sometimes, to remember the beauty of and in life, but it’s worth it. The more you consciously allow yourself to appreciate anything beautiful – any little thing – you are allowing consciousness in. Think of it like this, that every beautiful thing (which is defined by anything that connects you to Beauty, which is Life and vivacity) which you choose to notice and appreciate increases you ability to Live, increases your Intelligence and ability to be present. Because within every element and spec of Beauty in our Universe, lives a spark of Creation, of Source, of God. And you, by acknowledging that, are choosing to let in that divinity and connection and meaning into you.



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