The Christian Tarot Deck – Does it exist?!

Christians and Tarot? A Christian Tarot deck?! A, dare I say, scandalous suggestion?

Many people might not think that Christianity and Tarot can meld together happily at a party, but I feel like they do. See, I was raised non-denominational Christian and found Tarot later as an adult, so why not? I understand the Christian concerns of wondering if Tarot is heretical or satanic or against the teachings of Christ.

But what if it’s not?!

Have you ever, as a Christian seeking guidance from God, just closed your eyes and opened the Bible to a random passage and started reading, looking for what Providence brought into your awareness at this moment to help you in your current situation? Well then, my Christian friend, you have essentially done a Tarot reading, or at least some form of Divination. For what is divination but discovering hidden knowledge by supernatural means? And what could be more supernatural than God? See, to me, from a Christian perspective, Tarot and divination has always been about getting closer to and communicating with God.

And how could that be evil? How could seeking Truth from God’s Divine whispers be something to be avoided just because other people have called it evil?

Christian Tarot Decks – Do they Exist?

So if you find yourself a Christian who’s curious about card divination, then, fortunately for you, there are PLENTY of Christian-themed Tarot and oracle decks out there! In fact, you could even say that Tarot itself is steeped in Christianity, once you start delving into research about the symbology and origins of its images within the traditional Rider-Waite system – but more on that some other time!

For now, if you’re looking for a Tarot or other divination-style deck of cards whose art and writing reminds you of God’s grace while enabling you to connect to the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, then I think you will find something you like in the list I have compiled for you below!

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Christian cross in the mountains

Examples of Christian Tarot & Oracle Decks:

There is a plethora of Christian, Biblical, and Angel-themed Tarot and oracle cards to choose from. A quick search on Google, Etsy, or Amazon will show you that. Here you will find a list of some of my personal favorites (as well as some that I think would benefit those just getting starting to dip their toes into divination) from this wide collection, chosen mostly for their art, connection to Christian sentiment, and what just feels inutterably holy to me. You know – that feeling you get when walking into a holy place, like a church or cathedral, and you just feel the presence of God and you know that Spirit is there with you.

I have divided the list into three categories below: Tarot, Oracle, and other.

Not Tarot . . . but not quite Oracle either:

Angels Cards
Angel Cards

The Original Angel Cards: Messages and Meditations

This is actually the first deck I ever read from, years before I even knew that Tarot and oracle cards were a thing! And if you’re still carrying doubts about the Christian-ness of Tarot and divination, these are a great option! They’re super cute and simple – just a word of affirmation or encouragement next to a little angelic illustration – and they have that youthful Sunday-school cuteness vibe to them that is super comforting and adorable. They’re especially great to pull when you want a word or idea to focus on for the day.
Find Angel Cards here!

Christian Oracle Decks:

Archangel Fire Oracle deck
Archangel Fire Oracle

Archangel Fire Oracle

This deck contains forty cards composed of soft, gentle images that give off a holy, art nouveau feel. The simple yet refined, smooth and flowy card art with ornate edges presents a simple edifice without too much busy-ness that some other decks tend to have. It comes with a detailed and truly helpful and engaging guidebook that dives into the wisdom we can glean from the angels – and you will probably learn a lot about angels, and about a lot of different angels, that you probably previously didn’t know! And, as an oracle deck, the messages of the cards are somewhat more available and accessible, especially for daily guidance.
Find the Archangel Fire Oracle here!

Angel Answers Oracle Cards
Angel Answers Oracle Cards

Angel Answers Oracle Cards

This deck of forty-four cards is made with a very simple design that gives direct, straightforward answers to your life questions with golden, angelic imagery to inspire you and connect you to Spirit. It’s very easy to use and understand and includes a step-by-step guidebook to help you along! It’s user friendly and instantly recognizable as Christian.

The artwork of this deck has that illuminated, enlightened quality of angels and holy ascension infused into its imagery. Golden and beautiful, alive with divine light, these cards inspire an uplifted outlook full of positivity and action.
Find Angel Answers Oracle Cards here!

Christian Tarot Decks:

Heaven and Earth Tarot deck
Heaven and Earth Tarot

Heaven and Earth Tarot

This one might have to be my absolute FAVORITE in this whole list!

Sumptuously gorgeous and boldly ecclesiastical, the Heaven and Earth Tarot contains the most compelling, stunning images evoking ancient, Biblical splendor and grandeur that you will ever come across!

Seemingly straight out of a Biblical paradigm or story, the art of this deck completely transports you to the transcendent Divine in all its raw, majestic, sweeping glory and dark unfathomableness. If you want a deck that connects you to and inspires within you the true, unyielding might and power of God, I highly encourage you to choose this deck! It does not disappoint!! And its art keeps very solidly to the classic Rider-Waite imagery, so it’s a perfect Christianity-steeped Tarot deck to plunge into! I cannot speak highly enough of the gorgeous magnificence and noble holiness of this deck. It’s one of my all-time favorites in my whole collection!

Read my full review for the Heaven and Earth Tarot here!

Angel Tarot Cards deck
Angel Tarot Cards

Angel Tarot Cards

Here’s a deck that has some truly beautiful and enlivening art! Ethereal and colorful, vibrantly spectacular, this deck is full of super-detailed artwork that is utterly magical. I feel like this deck truly honors, reveres, and expresses the beauty of God and the sparkling divinity of the heavens with such vivid aliveness that it inspires one to turn to beauty and see the magical sacredness within life itself.

More than just angels, this deck contains images of other heavenly beings including unicorns, fairies, mermaids, and the pure beauty of nature and magical natural landscapes. It’s an excellent deck for detailed interpretation with its intricate artwork, and also because each card has its meaning printed on the front below the art so that it’s much easier to understand and interpret for those just getting started with Tarot. It also comes with a nice little guidebook to help with your readings.

I personally really love the magical, detailed, fantastical feel of this deck and its art!

Read my full review for Angel Tarot Cards here!

Angel Wisdom Tarot deck
Angel Wisdom Tarot

Angel Wisdom Tarot

This a great deck, especially if you’re new to Tarot and still learning the card meanings but are looking for a Tarot deck with obvious, direct Christian associations.

This deck has that wide, expansive, holy, and angelic quality I look for in Christian-based decks, and the unique, highly-detailed art blends the fantastical and the modern in a very bright, encouraging, and uplifting way. And if you’re new to interpreting Tarot, it’s got keywords and sentences of insight on each card that you might find helpful!
Find the Angel Wisdom Tarot here!

Angel Tarot by Travis McHenry cards
Angel Tarot

Angel Tarot

Similar, in a sense, to the Heaven and Earth Tarot, this deck upholds that deeply Biblical, ancient wisdom feeling that so many Christians and Catholics look for in divine guidance and godly direction. The very classical art of this deck feels very old, very wise, as if it comes from some ancient holy text or straight from the walls of an ancient cathedral. The colors are bold and stark at the same time, highlighting that religious austerity of spirit so many of us seek with an art style that is, at times, truly beautiful. I would choose this deck if you resonate with traditional Christian imagery or are looking for something instinctively religious melded with Tarot.
Find the Angel Tarot here!

(Bonus decks – hard to find, but I LOVE them!)


Archangel Oracle Cards

The deck that most brightened my life years before I even knew what oracle or Tarot cards were was the Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue. I connected instantly with the vibrant, lovely colors and cloudy, angelic, heavenly art.

Every card in this deck depicts a different angel, and so it is very connected wholly to the Gospels and Christianity, and it is undeniably Godly. I had a very special moment with one of these cards, with an angel that inspired and comforted me at a very dark time in my life, so this deck always holds a special place in my heart.

Unfortunately, this deck is not being published anymore, which means they will eventually be quite rare as an out of print deck. But you can find them for reasonable prices (for now, at least) from individual sellers on Etsy and Ebay!

If you find one, I think you might be pleasantly delighted by its innate and brilliant brightness!

Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue (Google search)
Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue (Google search)

 Voices of Saints Oracle

This deck might speak to you if you were raised Catholic more than Christian, but even though that’s not me, I truly and deeply love it so much! I always felt a strong connection to Saint Francis ever since I was a child, so it was easy to love the antique and reverent holy imagery of this deck. It’s just so beautiful, simple, ornate, with that austere Biblical feeling that I just love. I wish I would have purchased one before they went out of print! (Check out what they’re going for on Amazon right now below.)

Voices of Saints Amazon listing
Voices of Saints (Amazon listing)

The Beginning of Your Christian Tarot Journey

If you’re in search of a Christian Tarot deck and have sifted through this article, I sincerely hope that you’ve found something that inspires your soul. Remember that this is just the beginning – these are just some examples that I have compiled and laid out to get you started. There is a whole WORLD of relevant Christian-themed decks, both Tarot and oracle, waiting for you to encounter and connect with. And more are being created every day! I’m certain that, with this list and beyond, you will be able to find something that fits with you. And, if not, leave me a comment! I’ll do my best to help you find a Christian Tarot deck or the like that suits you!

What do you think of this list? Did I miss any cards you think should be included? Let me know in the comments!

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