Let the Pain and Hurt In

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Each week I will draw cards from different Tarot and Oracle decks with the intention of drawing fresh Insight and Inspiration from the Universe to help us in our daily lives!

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Wasp Spirit (reversed)

Wasp spirit card in the Spirit Animal Oracle
Wasp Spirit in The Spirit Animal Oracle

This world, this reality, needs things to be underappreciated, undervalued, for the souls that come here to learn anything. They want to learn, and we let ourselves lie and be undervalued in their eyes, their rules, their laws, so that they can be taught, so that they can learn, as others once taught us.

Being able to see through the veil of the lie of being undervalued, that is noticing and touching Divinity. Realizing that it was you who pulled up the Illusion in order to help souls in the gift, the gift of Realizing One’s own divinity and divine-ness, the God within, working through us.

Disturbed waters surround you: the false belief that you can’t have what you want. Know that Spirit has a plan, a plan to ensure you can grow something of value to you and All others involved out of this. The message above, no matter how painful it might be sometimes, plays a part. Know that the pain will subside, eventually, it just may take some time.


There are many who believe in something called “Our Soul’s Plan,” that our Higher Selves, which are directly connected to God/Source/Oneness/Spirit, come here for an experience, and that they more or less plan many of the things that happen to us and the things that we do in our earthly existence.

A lot of us have souls that have reincarnated many times, in many different time-spaces, and sometimes we come back to assist, to aid, and to help others. We do this because there are so many “young souls” still very early on in their experiences who rely on older souls to come in with humility to help them along.

What I’m speaking about today, as transferred to me in this card’s message, is that experiencing being undervalued and and underappreciated is sometimes part of the service we can offer. Allowing this to happen allows others to grow, to learn for themselves, to have the human experiences they need for their souls to grow richer.

When we realize that we came here to do this, that we have the Power to Give and to Aid, then we begin to reclaim our Personal Power, to realize how important it is for us to continue in this great Mortal Illusion, no matter how many lies are spread among us, because we came here to Experience and to help each other in our Experiences.


Layers card in Universal Mind Oracle
Layers in The Universal Mind Oracle

The Truth is, you can see all the layers.

Aura, body, soul, spirit, mind, emotional body, etc.

But each layer has its own purpose, and function, and each layer needs to be acknowledged, it’s significance recognized.

You must delineate the layers now and see and listen to them and their needs as individuals, not just as part of the Whole.


Which layer do you need to take care of more right now?

Sometimes we can get distracted seeing the whole picture and not addressing the needs of the component parts. Sometimes we need to hone in and appreciate each little small part of the Whole – whether that be appreciating the function of each small member of the body, or each emotion that rolls across your awareness like a cloud on the sky of your being.

Step back, focus on one small thing, and fully appreciate it. Spend some time appreciating that one small flower, that one bee buzzing by, that one freckle on your arm, that one member of your family, that one room in your house, that one individual thing that happened to you today. All of them make up a Whole but each are individual building blocks to the Experience that is You, that is Us, All-Together.

Dagger (reversed)

Dagger card in The Hollow Valley Deck of Symbols
Dagger in the Hollow Valley Deck of Symbols

Let yourself take a hit – you will always be okay.

It is part of the path, it’s really a good thing – you’ll see. It’s really okay!

Self-mutilation, is necessary right now (on this planet). (explained below)

Heal with sage – your Spiritual Protection and Safeness is always with you.


This card goes very much so with the Wasp card and message, right down to the pain, the hurt, and the reversal message, that it’s not always as we see.

Pain, hurt, and healing are important to our human and mortal Experience – they’re essentially what we came here to do! Ever since I read the book Only the Stones Survive by Morgan Llewellyn, I have thought about my favorite quote that I gleaned from it,

“In the end we are perfectly safe. All things are One and part of the same Word.”

I truly believe that our Spirits are inviolable, and that, no matter what we experience here, we can always heal and repair ourselves and end up Whole-r and More Appreciative of Existence than we ever were before.

You could say there’s a lot of scary stuff going on in the world right now. But did you know that sage smoke purifies air 94-99% and that the air in that room remains clean for days? In my research I’ve read articles that it even works better than most mechanical air purifiers! And why not? Medicinal smoke is an ancient practice that’s been around and that humans have been utilizing far longer than machines. How many simple solutions to scary things lie right beneath our noses?!

Let me further explain the self-mutilation part: I mean and interpret this more to do with the actions we do or the hurt that is inflicted on us without our consent that injures our health and well-being. I also mean the harmful practices we choose to do or are faced with doing to the planet because, whatever we do to the planet, we do to ourselves.

“We are Perfectly Safe”


A lot of these things we are very little in control of, sometimes no matter how hard we try. It’s not our fault we’re born into the situations of the time we find ourselves in.

Sometimes I don’t even fully understand why this “self-mutilation” is necessary, why any pain and suffering is. But when I stand back – when I meditate or pray or find stillness – I can touch the Whole and feel that it is all okay, that there is something Greater than this limited perception with which we view the world, and somewhere in that Knowing, that Greater Knowledge, is Untouchable Okayness.

It’s that Oneness that I lean to, that I try to imbibe as deeply as I can, so that I may not fall too far under the pain and hurt we so often experience in this world.

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