Kings of the Tarot – The Masters of Success

The Kings of the Tarot. These are our masters, the ones who have learned everything they need to know – or at least think they do – and have mastered their particular element of expertise. This does not mean they are without faults and blind spots, but it means they have a lot to tell us about what we are doing right and what we yet need to achieve success in our lives.

Here we will delve a little bit into what our tarot kings can reveal. Remember, though, that this is just a brief jaunt into the world of the kings of the tarot – the more you study them and the more they come up in your readings, the more you will learn for yourself about them and what they mean for you.

The tarot is full of tiny nuances and limitless interpretations. Your insights may differ from mine, and they may even differ from day to day, and that’s okay! In fact, that’s brilliant! Remember that whatever you see in the Tarot is right and correct. Have fun and remember not to take yourself too seriously!

The King of Pentacles – Wealth

The King of Pentacles from the Lo Scarabeo Tarot
The King of Pentacles from the Lo Scarabeo Tarot

The King of Pentacles sits on his gilded thrown, surrounded by a majestic abundance of grapes and lavish/ growth. A mountain of riches upholds him as he sits in the literal fruits of his labor, surveying, scrutinizing, and collecting all that he has achieved. He has worked hard, and how he can sit back and lavish in his successes.

But it does not do him well to idle. He is so used to a life of challenge that he already looks for the next business venture, the next fiscal score. Or maybe he looks to advising some young person toward their own financial and material success.

Drawing the King of Pentacles (also known as Coins or Discs) can mean that you have achieved a comfy and desirable level of success in something, usually monetary or some form of visible, quantifiable wealth. On the other hand, if you have drawn him reversed, it could mean that you need to learn something more to achieve success, perhaps restraint or self-discipline, or conversely to loosen your tightfisted grip and not count every single penny that comes into your account.

The King of Wands – Inspiration

Our King of Wands is not content to sit, but stands in a ring of fire and intensity. Though he has mastered the wily airs of his passion and zest for life, he is still virile and energetic, looking ahead to where he can next instill the inspiration of creation and passion that stirs such heated ardor within him.

The King of Wands from the Lo Scarabeo Tarot
The King of Wands from the Lo Scarabeo Tarot

Scarlet colors and salamanders adorn his person and leonine demeanor, instilling in all that he touches the mastery of success, from the advent of inspired initiation to seeing them through to the finished end. He touches others with his fiery enthusiasm, exciting within their own spirits a passion for life and accomplishment. He rules his life with attention and gusto.

If you have drawn the King of Wands in your reading it could mean that you are on your way to achieving something profound in your life, may it be spiritual, personal, or relational. It could mean a sense of great fulfillment in a passion, hobby, or project that is close to your heart awaiting you on the horizon. Whatever it is, the King of Wands lends you the strength and tenacity to keep the fire of your soul alive.

If you have drawn this king reversed it could mean that you are lagging or stuck in lackadaisical, spiritual blockage, that you have lost inspiration, meaning, or steam for something that once meant a great deal to you. Perhaps you have become distracted or wandered astray, or perhaps you need to remember why you started something you love in the first place. Reconnect to that space of newfound inspiration and passion and there you will find direction.

The King of Swords – Determination

The King of Swords from the Lo Scarabeo Tarot
The King of Swords from the Lo Scarabeo Tarot

Drawing the King of Swords delivers stout determination and single-minded direction. He carries great insight and keen knowledge of where he wants to go, and he knows exactly how to get there. He’s not afraid to do the hard things, the tough things – the dauntless things no one else wants to do, and they are not a problem to him. He utilizes his swift and exacting mind to cut right to the heart of his desires and endeavors, cutting away all that is unnecessary and holding him back.

You can be sure that this king does nothing in excess or carelessly. He knows what he’s about, and he will not sugar-coat any of his advice or steps to deliberate success. His mental clarity and acuity is unparalleled, his sharpness and intellectual prowess peerless in its efficacy and acclaim. Have his energy on your side and you will know your path clearly and unmistakably.

While this king brings great mental acumen, drawing him reversed could mean that you are potentially too cold and callous, perhaps to other people, in your drive to success. Be careful that you do not cut others and their ideas and needs down too easily on your sharp-edged path to achievement. On the other hand, maybe you need a little more bite to your bark where personal boundaries and necessary limits are concerned.

The King of Cups – Care

I can’t think of the King of Cups without recalling the male seahorse and how he bears the pregnancy and birth of his young himself – he is a caring mentor and father figure, keenly aware of and attuned to the feelings of all those involved in his pursuits.

The King of Cups from the Lo Scarabeo Tarot
The King of Cups from the Lo Scarabeo Tarot

Just as he listens to the crab chattering at his shoulder, he pays heed to the concerns, insights, and input of others, taking their fears, worries, and personal strengths into careful consideration. He knows that no man is an island, and so his success is not brought upon his efforts alone but is connected to many others who have aided him, one way or another, knowingly or completely unconsciously.

The King of Cups guides from the heart, is led by his care for the world and the emotive humanity at the core of everything, at the center of every endeavor. Having him in your pocket means that you will be achieving a well-rounded, heartfelt success that benefits not just yourself, but the whole.

Drawing his tarot card reversal could indicate a lack of care, or of compassion led to distraction – make sure you’re not ignoring the concerns of others, but take care not to drown in their opinions either! You must find balance between the desires of your heart for your own success and that of the situations and peoples around you.

The Keys to Success

The Kings of the Tarot are within each of us. They are the parts of ourselves that yearn to succeed, or that have mastered a certain aspect of accomplishment, or that are severely lacking in what hinders us in our personal progress. They show us what skill-sets we already have and may not realize, as well as where we need to grow.

Remember to follow your own intuition when you read the tarot, and pay attention to what you notice about the tarot kings that pop up in your readings and how he is relevant to your particular situation at this moment in time.

What do the kings inspire in you? What might you add to these observations? Tell me in the comments below!

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