Crystals for Tarot – To Help with Your Intuition & Divination

With their many forms and colors, shapes and individualities, it is no surprise that the abundant plethora of crystals should pair well alongside the Tarot in the esoteric world of self-discovery.

Here is a brief list of suggestions of crystals for tarot so that you may diversify your journey into divination. It is by no means exhaustive, but these are some crystals that I have personally discovered to synchronize and resonate/ well with the workings of the Tarot.

Use your intuition and your naturally-derived sense of discernment to find out for yourself which crystals work best for you! And remember to have fun! Adding crystals to your life is an exciting and satisfying (and addictive) exploration!

While none of these recommendations are technically guaranteed to treat or fix any medical or other conditions, I think that the personal addition of crystals into one’s life can offer many spiritual, mental, and physical benefits.

Clear Quartz

This is, first and foremost, the inarguably most important crystal to have in your arsenal! Clear quartz is well known as a Master Healer, and I would consider it to be the Master and Foundation of all Crystals. It’s the cure-all of the crystal world, the powerful teacher and sage of profound/ energetic potential.

Clear quartz is great for amplifying one’s energy and intentions, and for seeking and reaching greater clarity in all things. It is excellent for gaining mental lucidity, in manifesting desires, in decision making, and in sharpening the intellect. It is also associated with generosity and benevolence, with helping one achieve new goals and with clearing mental chatter and any internal distractions from the psyche and body.

There is so much written about this master crystal alone! It is virtually limitless in its ability to help guide and aid the human soul.

In Tarot, clear quartz can help you narrow your focus and intention, and helping you tune your attention in to your innate acute intuitive sense. It can also help direct any frantic or frazzled energy toward your center so that you feel more peace, clarity, and direction. It’s also an excellent crystal for clearing the energy and energetically “zapping” away any unwanted energy from yourself or your cards, so it’s a good idea to keep one with your deck whenever you feel it needs an energy boost!


This gorgeous, multi-colored crystal comes to mind as excellent for opening up the third eye! Those with a deep golden hue may especially help with opening up the heart and crown chakras for strong, intuitively guided messages to come in to the body and mind. It’s such a warm, rich, powerful stone that I intuitively feel truly wants to help mankind!

Gold-blue labradorite stoneLabradorite is known as a stone of magic, ideal for awakening mystical abilities and psychic powers. It comes in many colors, from a sea-foamy light green alongside turquoise to cobalt blues, all the way to deep pinks and purples and powerful yellow- and orange-gold!

This gorgeous stone is acknowledged as a great protector that can help guard your center from unkind forces as well as prevent any “energy leaks” from your aura. It’s also a powerful stone for dreamwork, helping guide one in the subconscious realm and in accessing details and messages from the unconscious. It is said to help connect one with their destiny, and with manifesting their greatest potential.


Amethyst is such a calming, soothing crystal! And it comes in so many shades, shapes, and personalities! You can find them in clusters, spheres, points, and geodes from the deepest, dark Uruguayan “grape jelly” amethyst to the lightest hues of lavender that are nearly transparent. They’re all beautiful, and they’re all masters of crystal healing in their own right!

This multifaceted/ purple gem is known for expanding the mind toward our higher selves, and for ameliorating addictions and tendencies of overindulgence and excess. Here it instills a sense of reassurance, satiation, and contentment instead.

Amethyst helps keep one grounded in spiritual thought and is said to help guide the mystic towards enlightenment. Many have thought this stone to be an effective talisman in warding off evil thoughts and energies and in overall protecting the body, mind, and auric field from invasion.

This diverse, alluring crystal assists in one’s overall connection to the divine and increases cognitive and intuitive reception by helping fortify the imagination and refining one’s intuition.

Blue Lace Agate

A list of crystals for tarot would not be complete without a blue stone! Blue is among the rarest of colors to find in nature, whether it be in animals, plants, or minerals. Thus, authentic, natural crystals are few and unique. Blue lace agate is one such rarity clad in the sweetest, most exquisite sky blue hue! It is easiest to obtain this stone in tumbles, but occasionally one can find them available as points, cabochons, or even in small druzy geodes.

Blue lace agate crystal geodeThis beautiful light crystal is excellent for delicately and kindly opening up the intuitive third eye with compassion and gentleness. The color blue resonates with the third eye chakra located in between one’s vision. Since intuition might just be the most important skill to have in reading the Tarot, we can call on this crystal to help guide and enhance ours.

Blue lace agate is also known for soothing the mind and the mind’s eye, and for delivering the Truth in all matters. It is excellent for developing effective communication, diplomacy, and confident articulation. Its healing abilities lie in its propensity to relieving stressful situations and helping one overcome challenges and misunderstandings in communication.

Seemingly dainty, it in truth carries a profound strength that does not burst into one’s energy field, but gently guides the user toward inner stability. It is a very personal stone with a quiet voice that connects peacefully and compassionately with its user.


In our lives we often need to (or are unwillingly plunged into) acknowledging and taking care of the shadow side of our existence. Since the Tarot is a reflection of life, this is as evident in the cards as it is in our daily experiences. In the crystal world, one individual that is excellent for accessing and navigating the dark or shadowed parts of the self is the deep black countenance of obsidian.

Obsidian is well known as a shield, and for keeping one grounded while in concentrated communication with the spirit world or the subconscious self. It can be used in scrying as a “mirror” to the self as it has the potential to reflect our deepest insecurities and blind spots back to ourselves. Thus, it is very effective for self-actualization, self-healing, and self-honesty. It reveals our inner truths, our entrenched traumas, and our secreted illusions all the same. It illuminates that which is hidden, the difficult reality of our inner nature.Obsidian crystal

Despite its connection with darkness, at its heart, I believe obsidian to be a deeply caring stone that will never take the user too far or without assistance. This dark teacher reminds us that, no matter how alone we might feel in our spiritual journeys, we are never actually without help.

Your Crystal and Tarot Journey Begins!

At the end of the day, there are many, many candidates of stones that we could consider beneficial crystals for Tarot reading. Indeed, there are so many out there that an entire book could be written about this, but these are a good start. Most of those we covered are common enough to find and obtain, and capacious in their ability to assist you in your Tarot journey.

Most important, however, is to pay attention to which crystals speak to you. I encourage you to go to a crystal store and walk around. Notice what draws you, what attracts your notice, even if you can’t logically say how or why. The crystals you are naturally drawn to will be able to help you the most in your Tarot journey as well as in your life.

What do you think of this list? What other crystals do you think should be added? Let me know in the comments below!

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