Angel Tarot Cards Review – Magical & Uplifting

Angel Tarot Cards Review

Angel Tarot Cards deckDeck: Angel Tarot Cards

By: Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine (Art by Steve A. Roberts)

Price: $29.99 $27.59

Publisher: Hay House, Inc.

Where to buy: Angel Tarot Cards at

My Rating: 7.5 out of 10


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Angel Tarot Cards deck
Angel Tarot Cards

The Art of Angel Tarot Cards

I really LOVE the art of this deck!

The art of Angel Tarot Cards is gold, scintillating, and resplendent in its glimmering, radiant beauty.

Each card is full of such exquisite detail! Such beautiful, ornate presentation of a host of characters and beings that amaze, awe, and inspire! I could stare at each card all day, lost in its fantastic realm of light and dazzling brilliance. That Steve Roberts is a self-taught artist makes such divine vision so much more astounding and admirable!

This deck came to me very early on in my Tarot journey, and the brightness and levity of the sparkling, mystical artwork uplifted and encouraged me throughout. It gave me the feeling that I’m not alone, that I’m not doing this all by myself, that there are energies and forces connected to me, helping me, aiding me on my journey, both within the Tarot and in life.

I love that there are so many magical beings represented in this deck – not just Angels grace our lives through these cards, but also Fairies, Dragons, and my all-time favorite . . . Unicorns! They really give such a wide array of Magical Innerworlds to enjoy, to call on for help, to ask for guidance, and it really lends such creativity and beautiful uniqueness to such an eclectic Tarot deck.

Page of Water, The Dreamer, and Three of Water in Angel Tarot Cards
Page of Water, The Dreamer, and Three of Water in Angel Tarot Cards

The Deck

This deck was first created by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine in 2012. In 2018, however, Virtue had a change of life focus and asked Hay House to remove her association from all Oracle and Tarot decks she’d co-created, so when you see this deck for sale by retailers on the internet, they now feature Valentine’s name without hers. I have the original deck (though I’ve altered it), so mine features both names.

The Cards

The Angel Tarot Cards come in a convenient and sturdy two-part box that fits all 78 cards and guidebook. The whole set measures about 4” x 5.5”

The cards follow the traditional RWS (Rider-Waite-Smith) setup of 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana with some unique tweakings.

The main change, of course, is that each card of the Major Arcana is represented by a different Angel or Archangel.

Some of the Major Arcana cards have also been renamed. For example “The Tower” is now “Life Experience,” and “The Fool” is now “The Dreamer.” I think it’s unique and creative when deck makers do this! It adds nuance, and might invite you to learn something about the card that you maybe didn’t see before.

The Minor Arcana is divided into four elemental suits associated with the traditional Tarot suits – Fire (Wands), Water (Cups), Earth (Pentacles), and Air (Swords). Each suit has its own theme of characters beyond that represented by fantasy beings – Dragons for Fire, Mermaids and Mermen for Water, Fairies for Earth, and Unicorns for Air (“because their tranquil essence symbolizes peaceful thoughts” – isn’t that sweet?! It’s so refreshing to see the Swords/Air suit depicted as anything peaceful!)

They’ve also given each suit its own color (bordering the art on the card face, the card backs are all the same). All the Major Arcana are royal blue, Water is teal blue, Fire is burgundy red, Earth is forest green, and Air is night blue.

Life Experience, the Moon, Five of Earth cards in Angel Tarot Cards deck
Life Experience, The Moon, and Five of Earth in Angel Tarot Cards

The Cards continued

The court cards proceed as expected: Page, Knight, Queen, and King.

The backs are beautiful, with no less detail and exquisiteness, featuring the figure of an angel with blue and gold embellishments surrounding them. But if you read with reversals, the back is not reversible at all, so try not to look at the cards when you’re selecting!

The sides of the original cards (2012) are edged in silver, while the newer version (2018) isn’t. Some people like the change, others don’t – personally, it doesn’t really matter to me!

I’m not an expert on cardstock, but while I am totally satisfied with these cards, some people complain that they are not as high quality in terms of durability. I always overhand shuffle to preserve my cards, regardless of cardstock, but the cards of this deck may not hold up to heavy use if you’re a bridge or riffle shuffler.


The guidebook

The little guidebook that comes with this deck is excellent! It’s functional and brief! I like chunky little guidebooks that fit inside two-part boxes!

The guidebook begins with some introductions to the deck, some suggestions and tips for how to use the cards and perform a reading, as well as some card spreads. The pith of the guidebook is the card meanings, of course, which are good and helpful!

The Major Arcana seems to have a little bit more detailed explanation in the guidebook, which is common, but there’s a lot of blank space on the second page of each Major Arcana exposition which seems like a bit of a waste of space that could have been used for more written details.

I have found that the “Additional meanings of the card” of each card’s explanation gives an interpretation more like how one might read a reversal.

The end of the guidebook carries some cool info about the makers of the deck and some other offerings from the publisher.

Unicorn cards (suit of Air) in Angel Tarot Cards
Unicorn cards (suit of Air) in Angel Tarot Cards

Greatest pros

  • beautiful, uplifting art
  • great little guidebook with helpful suggestions
  • comes in an awesome sturdy two-part box that fits everything inside
  • has Unicorns, Fairies, and Dragons! Alongside the Angels!

Drawbacks or cons

For me, the biggest drawback are the words on the bottom of each card. This is just personal preference, of course, because, for other people, this is a huge blessing ! Perhaps especially for beginners! But for me, it’s just distracting. I like to use my intuition to draw on the nuances of meaning that come to me which are specific and individualized to each reading. Therefore, you can see in the photos of this article that I trimmed those words off of each card, just to make it easier for me to read without having extra words blaring into my mind subconsciously.

Cutting the bottoms of the cards off, however, messed with the card backs, which are now missing huge chunks off the bottom which renders the bordering no longer complete, which is kind of annoying so I try to ignore it. I also discovered that the card art is not the same size or in the exact same placement on each card, so my cards are all different sizes now. This doesn’t bother me too much, but it’s not ideal, of course.

I love the art of this deck so much! I only wish the cards were bigger so that I could more fully immerse myself in this world to truly, deeply appreciate the rich and intricate details within!

I guess the only other thing I could say in terms of where this deck is wanting, is that the faces on some of the human figures (and the occasional dragon) in this deck are . . . weird. They just look fake, or like they’re making weird expressions. Maybe I’m just looking at it too hard at it, but it does throw me off!

Eight of Air and Nine of Air cards of Angel Tarot Cards
Eight of Air and Nine of Air in Angel Tarot Cards

Favorite cards

My favorite cards are, of course, mostly Unicorn ones. Especially the Eight of Air and Nine of Air.

The Eight of Air is the card that drew me to this deck – I saw the art somewhere on Instagram and could not BELIEVE it belonged to a deck I could actually get my hands on! It’s just so absolutely stunning, inspiring and creative, so movement-oriented and heavenly. It gives me energy to believe in the Goodness and Magic in this world!

I love the Nine of Air because the composition is so well-done and the entire scene is just immaculately peaceful. Nine of Swords is usually such a sad, stressful, anxiety-ridden card (and yet it’s still usually one I really resonate with and like), so seeing it here as a grove of peaceful Unicorns lit by Magical firefly lights is really, truly steadying and calming!

Least favorite cards

It’s not a big deal, but the ones with weird faces on the people or animals, are my least favorites. Namely: Page of Earth, King of Water, Two of Fire, Six of Fire, Four of Fire, The Lovers, and Balance.

Dragon (suit of fire) cards in Angel Tarot Cards
Dragon (suit of Fire) cards in Angel Tarot Cards

Why I give Angel Tarot Cards 7.5 out of 10

Angel Tarot Cards is such a beautiful, inspiring, and delightful deck that brings joy and appreciation for life with each intricately detailed card. It’s such a feel-good deck rich with symbolism and Magic, delivered with such enchanting artistry! It’s a wonderful deck to have on your shelf.

Why do I give it less than 10? Mostly (and probably only) because of the words on the bottom of the cards which led to me to needing to cut them off which led to the deck being uneven and making the art on the cards’ backs look not as nice. But the card art is still amazing! Even chopped and altered there is enough room that the card’s border color nicely frames the card art. I also just wish that the art was larger on each card so I could better appreciate each complex, mystical piece more thoroughly!


Have you tried the Angel Tarot Cards? Let me know your thoughts below!


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