About the Readings

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About the Readings

My Readings all start with Tarot as a gateway to the Intuition and the much deeper Intuitive Reading gained through immersive meditation. I am most attuned to Animal Guides and animal beings (both living and dead), but any manner of messages and messengers may come through who are reaching out with their guidance! Your reading could include messages from or insight into your Higher Self, gods and goddesses, ancestors, crystals, colors, plants/herbs, aura, energetic situation, and more.

I will start with a question from you, or we can do a general reading and see what comes up! I will pull four to six Tarot cards which I will send you a photo of along with a full write-up via the email you provide when you check out. I will have all of it sent to you within a week. If you need it sooner, leave me a note in checkout and I will see what I can do to expedite it!

There is also a “Basic” option which is quicker, shorter, to-the-point, but does not allow time for the in-depth Intuitive insight gained in the “Advanced” Reading.

The “Advanced” Readings take longer and require more focus and energy from me, which is why they are listed at a greater cost. They come from skills I have developed over years of practice, not just with the Tarot, but within the Innerworlds of Spirit and Intuition assisted by my Guides and Ancestors who watch over me and guide me as an Intuitive Reader.

In all of my Readings, especially in the deeper Intuitive Readings, I am assisted by my Guides to be careful to keep our energies separate so as to protect you as the querent and me as the reader from picking up and carrying any unnecessary energies after the Reading has ended. This also means I retain the right to refuse a reading if I or my Guides deem it unhelpful or harmful to you or myself.

All readings are all done by distance (not in person) and are not available immediately or same day (there may be possible exceptions).

*please see the Disclaimer and Refunds before purchasing a Reading