About the Reader

My background at a glance

I have been reading Tarot for myself and others for years. More than that, I have been an Intuitive Empath and Medium all of my life, with deep connections to animals, energies, and the powerful Otherworlds accessed with the Imagination. I am an INFJ, Introvert, HSP (highly sensitive person), Empath, Clairvoyant, and Clairsentient. I am also a Reiki practitioner and energy healer.

Hannah the Founder of Hermit Tarot with a chicken friend
Hannah, Founder of Hermit Tarot, with Kustard

I deeply love all animals and advocate a compassionate world for all living beings. Animals have always been a part of my life. Some of my background with them includes working with rescued horses and riding since a young age, working with wildlife at a local sanctuary, becoming certified in bat rehabilitation, caring for goats and chickens on various farms, studying primates in Costa Rica, and never living without a cat by my side.

I have a BA from Mount Holyoke College where I graduated with honors in Biology and Spanish. If I’m not practicing Tarot and deepening my spiritual skills or working on writing my first novel, I might be birding, working outside in our backyard permaculture garden, or taking care of our menagerie of rescued animals!

Where I come from

I resonate deeply with the works of Native American writer Jamie Sams, especially her book “Sacred Path Cards.” I’m particularly inspired by this passage from the chapter concerning Whirling Rainbow Woman who brings rain and the promise of peace and equality among all Nations and all people with the understanding that all races are one:

“The prophecy of the Whirling Rainbow was very specific. When the Time of the White Buffalo approaches, the third generation of the White Eyes’ children will grow their hair and speak of love as the healer of the Children of the Earth. These children will seek new ways of understanding themselves and others. They will wear feathers and beads and paint their faces. They will seek the Elders of the Red Race and drink their wisdom.

“These white-eyed children will be a sign that the Ancestors are returning in white bodies, but they are Red on the inside. They will learn to walk the Earth Mother in balance again and reform the ideas of the white chiefs.

“. . . The Whirling Rainbow of Peace destroys the lies that have made the Children of Earth mistrust one another and replaces the illusion of separation with the truth of unity. . . . These Knowing Systems are the teachings of the Warriors of the Rainbow who are Sisters and Brothers uniting the Fifth World and working for peace.” (pg. 154, 156-157)

My story

When I was a child I sensed things. My mother and I called it “priftic” which was our word for something that was psychic and gifted. I sensed things I could not otherwise have known, and some things that were revealed to have great relevance later. She told me I would often come home from school telling her about conversations I overheard from birds and what various plants had to say. I have always been highly sensitive and extrasensory, often preferring the company of animals and trees than that of humans who seemed to so often have an agitated or harmful energy about them. I did not know for many years how to begin to protect my sensitive body and being from the desperate souls seeking healing in the world. I grew up in a society that does not recognize intuitive receptivity and insight and so had to learn how to navigate a vast, largely uncharted world without obvious guidance. I longed and prayed for the opportunity to find a shaman, a medicine healer, someone who would help me in my draw to healing in the nonphysical realms. Ultimately, it has been my lack of any one physical healer-teacher that has led to my greatest growth and expansion of inward guidance and intuitive ability.

On a frosty November night in my early twenties, after many months already plunged deep into a “dark night of the soul,” I fully entered into a “shaman’s death,” an initiation, a journey into the shadow self. This became a turning point in my spiritual development which would determine if I would awaken to my inherent powers or drown beneath their force. This was a very scary time in which I became genuinely afraid of being pulled under, of my spirit disappearing from this world, leaving my life trapped in a catatonic, spirit-departed body, lost between the worlds. Thanks to my faith and connection to my Guides, both in the Otherworlds and in this one, and my will to rise to the occasion, I discovered within this fear and uncertainty the source of my power and ability. It would take a few more years until I started to understand what I was to do with it.

In my mid-twenties I started to wonder if maybe the “weird feelings” I sometimes felt might be pointing me to Truths that needed to be revealed to help myself or others along in their journeys. Around this time I also discovered Tarot and started seriously writing to become an author. Both of these practices brought me closer to my Intuition where I realized that these “impressions” were actually valid guidances and insights from the Spirit Realms. From this exploration, I have learned how to use my skills and natural-born talents as a Medium and Spiritual Reader specializing in Animal Communication with both living and spirit animals and in communicating with Animal Guides.

And every day I am still learning, I am still growing. Nearly every morning I begin my day with an offering to the directions and a prayer that I may be of service to the world, to those that need it. I pray that I may become a greater vessel for healing, that I may increase my capacity for holding and overflowing with Goodness, and to Walk in Beauty, that I may be guided to be the Highest Manifestation of Love that I am meant to be.

Blessed Be!

Founder of Hermit Tarot