About Me

Hannah Wilkins of Hermit TarotHello and welcome to Hermit Tarot! Tarot has been a profound passion of mine ever since I discovered my first deck in my mid-twenties. I have been practicing tarot professionally and for fun ever since and it has become a life-long love. My enduring enthusiasm for tarot has led me to becoming an avid deck collector and reader for myself and others.

Now I want to give back.

Over the years I have encountered hundreds if not thousands of different decks and styles and become an expert on interpreting cards in an intuitive, organic way that ANYBODY can learn how to do.

My Tarot Journey

I have always loved and appreciated art. Early on I discovered that I could interact with and participate in art through video and board games, but my introverted self struggled with the fast pace of gameplay, with being watched by others, and with the competitive mindset and win/lose goal of most games.

I wanted a way to experience art that was personal and intimate and, for me, spiritual.

At this time I already had my first deck, a stack of oracle cards, but I had tried unsuccessfully to use them in my daily life. I relied fully on what the words inside the guidebook said. This led to confusion, indecision, uncertainty, and, ultimately, lack of benefit. I did not yet think that I could possibly have within me the capability to interpret the cards in a detailed and accurate way. I did not think I had the authority to decide for myself what the cards meant for me.

And then I had a huge breakthrough.

I finally sat down and – just for fun, I told myself – tried to see what messages my mind might be able to access just from looking at the card art. When I checked my initial impressions with what the cards were “supposed” to mean in the guidebooks, I found that my own insights were specific, nuanced, personalized, and, above all, incredibly accurate.

I realized that I had the power to seek and find the clarity I yearned for in life, and that the solution was so simple – so simple that anybody could do it.

My newfound love for card art combined with my newfound ability to be able to use it and apply it to my daily life captivated me. I gobbled up every new and established tarot and oracle deck I could find, each new set of cards expanding my storehouse of possibilities and ability to interpret messages I was getting creatively and accurately.

Tarot Engages Us Creatively With Life

Tarot, for me, is an immersive experience at the intersection of art and spirituality – a space where the original art of so many highly talented artists can be utilized in a spiritually cognitive way to bring about great personal and palpable change in one’s life.

Tarot makes art accessible and personal, and usable. White horse oracle card

I realized that my appreciation and consumption of tarot and oracle cards impacts the world in an important and purposeful way through the support of artists and art. I firmly believe that anything that supports the creation and spread of art is a worthwhile pursuit that ultimately improves the world we live and breathe in.

I want to help people find the decks that suit them best, that inspire within their minds the spark of inspiration that leads to relevant and personally-accurate interpretations. I want to help them access the innate and powerful Intuitive abilities that we are all born with, that is our birthright as creative human beings.

I want to help you find the tools you need for your greatest Tarot experience.

I will be providing you with tips and techniques that will help you hone your skills as your own Tarot master, as well as help you find the art and decks that best suit your own unique personality and way of looking at the world. My goal is to provide for you content that comforts and challenges, that inspires and excites, that initiates and emboldens.

Let Tarot Be Your Guide

It is time for us to awaken to the powerful abilities inherent within our own minds, to learn how to utilize our intelligent imaginations as the creative powerhouses they are meant to be.

The ever-expanding world of Tarot is an excellent place to do this.

We are the influencers of our own realities, of our own lives, and, in effect, of the world we walk within. If you are interested in partaking in a life that is alive and ever learning, then this is the place to be! Together we can personally engage with life and dynamically immerse ourselves in what it means to be human.

If you have any questions please leave a comment below and I will do my best to help you out in your journey!

Many Blessings,

Founder of Hermit Tarot