See Your Faults as Strengths

Welcome! Join me in this Sacred Space where we can discover what Guidance the Universe holds for us this week!

Each week I will draw cards from different Tarot and Oracle decks with the intention of drawing fresh Insight and Inspiration from the Universe to help us in our daily lives!

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Knight of Pentacles (reversed)

Knight of Pentacles, Ten of Pentacles, and The Emperor in The Insect Tarot
Knight of Pentacles, Ten of Pentacles, and The Emperor in The Insect Tarot

You need to actively learn how to go slowly in order to achieve material/financial success, to feel happy with what’s around you.

You’re still seeking shortcuts – stop it. It’ll lead to you hurting you and your projects in the long run. Stick to the plan, to finish your projects on your own time / it’s right timing.

Defend your work against yourself – defense against impulses to energy.

You’re not doing a good job at it (at going slowly), you need to actively learn better.

You need to actively learn to go slowly in order to get to that point where your successes need little input from you to take care of themselves. (This also takes combined effort with your partner, doing together what only you two alone can do.) You’re still so far away – but far closer than they would have you believe.

DON’T listen to society/authority. It speaks from a fallen crown and you know it. So STOP listening to it and stop measuring yourself against its standards.


I love this new deck! The Insect Tarot is a brand new one created by an independent artist on Kickstarter by the name of Loren Sherman. I really love insects and bugs and also the artwork of this gorgeous deck!

Though I pulled three cards for this one, the main one to pay attention to is the Knight of Pentacles (the Ten of Pentacles and Emperor support it), represented by the image of Termite.

The message is a good one, and an important one, for many of us raised by and caught up in Western expectations of productivity and profit equaling a person’s worth. There is so much more about our life’s value and what we’re working on that can be measured by more than just linear “accomplishments!”

Learning to go slow could be the hardest but most important part of the creation process that you still need to learn (I know I do).

Eight of Wands

Eight of Wands and The Chariot in The Mary-El Tarot
Eight of Wands and The Chariot in The Mary-El Tarot

Move! Save your self! Your inner fire! Save your inner child! Protect her!

Reclaim the reigns of control over yourself from unkind and uncaring voices in your head.

You must look at and harness all the parts of your self, the good and the “bad.”

The Wisdom of the Heart is growing inside you.

With the hand of a man and the paw of an animal carrying you, you are becoming aware of the majestic and powerful self that you are.

Claim your faults as much as your light – give them a role, make them important, make them useful. Turn them into strengths.

Learn to see the value of these “faults.” Ask yourself, what are they good for? What is their “good” role/function?

The four directions we can rely on to guide us on earth – Free Will, go DO your purpose.


I drew two cards this time, just because it felt right, but our Eight of Wands (the red lion one) is the main one to pay attention to, with the Chariot supporting its message.

We all have those parts of ourselves, the parts we’re ashamed about, the parts we’d rather not look at, the parts we’ve deemed as “flaws” and “faults.”

But what if they’re not actually? What if they’re not actually faults or flaws? . . . What if? . . .

What if our “faults” and “flaws” are actually strengths we’re not seeing from the right angle?

Ask yourself the question (tell your conscious mind “just for fun” so it doesn’t take this too seriously) “What might be the strength of my ___?”

Most likely your mind will instantly come up with something.

Pay attention to that – it’s probably a hidden key strength of yours! And if you can learn to start seeing yourself for THAT every time your flaw or fault bothers you, . . . well, . . . maybe it won’t be such a fault anymore after all (or maybe it’s your perception that will change which is the focal point of our reality, after all).

The Magician

The Magician and Eight of Wands in The Sorcerer's Tarot
The Magician and Eight of Wands in The Sorcerer’s Tarot

You have the power to create your own magic, your own life, because you have your own direction, your own truths.

Just because someone else’s “truth” conflicts with yours doesn’t mean you’re wrong. It means you’re going in different directions, and have different perspectives.

You may look ordinary, young, or unassuming, but you have the experience it takes to wisely and powerfully determine your own life and future.

You have the power to make your own decisions of what’s best for your life, through concrete analysis of the details of life that you have reviewed.

You Know what you are doing.


Again I drew multiple cards, and, interestingly, we have the Eight of Wands popping up again as our support card.

I really love this deck, The Sorcerer’s Tarot, for its fluid and soft watercolor artwork. In fact, I love so many Lo Scarabeo decks specifically because of this! They make it so easy to understand and intuitively connect to the card art.

The Magician has the power to create, just like you do, and the Eight of Wands gives us movement and energy to do so. Both cards speak of power, of ability and even wisdom, even youth.

There is so much you can do, so much you Know you can do, if you let yourself be the badass, capable, person you know you are deep down. The Magician tells us we already are everything we want to be, so go for it and do what you want, what you know you can do deep down, and want you yearn for so badly more than anything else.



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